Loura & Liam, a couple on their way to founding a creative, mindful nomadic lifestyle! They believe in the power of positivity, a mindful approach to everyday errands, a healthy diet, and they are an ambassador of all states of self-care and self-love.

Their soulzz are artists by heart and enjoy a career as professional dancers and dance teachers. Loura finalized her bachelor in Dance Education at Codarts University of the Arts in Rotterdam, the Netherlands in 2014 and has had diverse work opportunities ever since. Liam is a pure and true auto-didact and has worked for numerous dance companies. Visit www.merakidancecollective.com to read more about their dance-related work and trips.

Now they travel with their free-spirited huskies, Link & Zelda throughout Asia.

When not blogging, you’ll find them cuddling their pack, cooking, designing, drinking coffee, yoga-ing, scheduling their next trip/course, hanging out with friends, Pinterest-ing or dancing. Never a dull moment’ (maybe sometimes…)

We at NomadSoulzz believe that everyone is pure by heart, for there are no mad souls. Whether you are a dancer, photographer, cook, lawyer or mom/dad, we are all artists of life. An artist is a person whose work exhibits exceptional skill. Living life to the fullest requires dedication, personal development, and self-care and with this in mind, Liam & Loura launched their tribe – Nomadsoulzz – online.

NomadSoulzz’ quest

At NMSZ, we believe that every artist should know how to take care of themselves in the best possible way – physically like an athlete; spiritually like a guru  ^_^ –  this to enable them to share their art in it’s purest form. It’s our mission to share tools that will help you stay inspired, motivated, healthy and sane-minded to be the most inspiring artist you can be.

Meraki, a greek word
that describes doing something with
soul, creativity, or love —
when you put “something of yourself”
into what you’re doing, whatever it may be.

To approach life with a Meraki-Mindset is NomadSoulzz’ ultimate goal. This is what keeps them motivated and this is what they aspire their readers to experience too.

Does this resonate with how you want to live your life? Welcome to the tribe!

Joining our tribe means being friendly is your second nature, you are willing to take care of yourself to benefit every being surrounding you & you are always and endlessly curious to find new ways to develop. We are blessed and grateful to have you here.

What can you expect at NomadSoulzz:

  • Various practical methods of self-care
  • A consistent flow of inspiration and motivation to keep you going
  • Our angle to living life as nomads

Without you there’s no community, there’s no NomadSoulzz. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support. If you have any suggestions or requests feel free to drop a line at hello (at) nomadsoulzz.com

Our Instagram game: @nomadsoulzz to follow our nomad life and @sacred_selfcare for self-love and self-care tips and inspiration!