A list of blissful happiness challenges to ignite joy as a habit. Start your happiness challenge today!
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Do a Happiness Challenge! A list of 4 Blissful and Energizing Challenges!

Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony. For the quote lovers amongst us, you might recognize those words by legend Mahatma Gandhi. Happiness is such a delicate yet powerful and energizing feeling, a motion everyone deserves to get moved by. Committing to a Happiness Challenge might just be what you need to get your happy juices flowing.

Let’s be clear from the very beginning. You don’t need to be an unhappy or depressed person to engage into a happiness challenge, anyone and everyone can benefit from more awareness towards one’s self and therefore one’s happiness. So you too!

A few days ago my mother recommended me the book The Happiness Project by Gretchen Ruben and I’m absolutely loving it so far. Even though I’ve read just a couple of chapters, I’m noticing already such a big difference in my awareness of happiness and what’s necessary to achieve this energizing feeling of joy and content in the simple things.

Robert Ingersoll says, Happiness is not a reward – it is a consequence. And I couldn’t agree more. Getting enough sleep, exercise and committing to a healthy diet are just a few examples of (bodily) actions you can take to achieve happiness in a more controlled and less coincidental level. And there are lists and lists of much more things you can do to carve your way to a happier life.

All these challenges below provide such lists and ideas to inspire you to live a more happy life!

Maybe one-day Nomadsoulzz will develop its own Happiness Challenge, but for now, we collected some of the web’s most fun, joyful and ambitious Happiness Challenges out there. So we all can start our journey to boundless happiness as soon as our heart desires. Yaaaay! We’re excited, you too?

On a side note, these challenges are like a crumb of the full-blown extra large pizza (yum!) that The Happiness Project is. These challenges get no longer than 30 days where the Happiness Project commits to a year of going deep to create habits that stimulate happy living.


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1. The 10-day Happiness Challenge by the PurposeFairy

A list of blissful happiness challenges to ignite joy as a habit. Start your happiness challenge today!

The first task of this happiness challenge was enough for us to fall in love with this style and approach by purpose fairy Luminita: ‘Give a smile to every person you meet‘. We at Nomadsoulzz faithfully follow this rule, would you rather be the one that smiled or didn’t smile back? Hmm.. yes, exactly!

Something as simple as a smile has so many benefits not alone for your brain and body, also for the people around you benefit from it. Luminita goes into great detail day by day what your next challenge is towards generating a more happy life and self.

We feel that this challenge is a perfect place to start your journey of happiness. Also, 10-days is totally doable. It’s less than two weeks but you’ll be committed long enough to reap the results and feel the difference. Enjoy!


A list of blissful happiness challenges to ignite joy as a habit. Start your happiness challenge today!

First things first, I love the Culture Trip. Their articles are always something new and different and they cover a wide variety of content and genres. When I saw they also released their very own Happiness Challenge I was excited, to say the least.

30 days is definitely a longer commitment than the 10-day version above. That being said, the day by day challenges are listed in an organized overview and are to the point. Choosing happiness is hand in hand with self-care as your happiness is of great importance for your overall health.

This challenge, in particular, is one that covers many self-care activities. A win-win-win for joy-joy-joy!


3. The Meditative Mind Happiness Challenge

A list of blissful happiness challenges to ignite joy as a habit. Start your happiness challenge today!

This is a happiness challenge focused on cultivating more happiness by going deeper into some spiritual key elements and activities such as forgiveness, meditation, yoga, and (much) more.

This challenge isn’t only about the activities you can do to be happier, it’s about what’s mentally and spiritually behind that action. Naturally, this requires a lot of awareness but will be extremely beneficial if you fully commit yourself.

Even though they lay it out as a 30-day challenge you can easily spread it out to allow yourself enough time to take it all in and giving yourself the opportunity to properly reflect on each subject.


4. The #ahappyboss Challenge by Creative and Coffee

30 day Happiness Challenge by CreativeAndCoffee

Source image: Creative And Coffee

Who doesn’t love a name like creative and coffee? I mean… yes and yes! Their blog is all things business and blogging, awesome stuff for us creative online entrepreneurs! So make sure to check it out!

This challenge is directed to us entrepreneurs, focused a bit more on things you can do in your personal life to create a more healthy and happy work environment. They have divided the tasks into 4 weeks (30-days) in easy and not-much-time-consuming actions you can make time for any day of the week.

Oh and if you’re like yes, this is for me! I’m sure you will also enjoy our very own blasting list of positive affirmations, especially for creative entrepreneurs!


BONUS! The happiest podcast out there!

A list of blissful happiness challenges to ignite joy as a habit. Start your happiness challenge today!

As I wrote at the beginning of this post I’m currently reading the Happiness Project by Gretchen Ruben. Even though I’m not done yet… I’m confident in recommending it to anyone who is even slightly interested in happiness (that should be everyone!) Yes, it’s that awesome!

I am who I am, so I put on my research cap and combed through her website and found out she also has this amazing Podcast where happiness is a welcomed subject. Subscribe for guaranteed smiles!



We wish you all the best with these happiness challenges!
Which one resonates most with you and are you going to give a shot?

Happy living.
Love and Light,

Liam & Loura


A list of blissful happiness challenges to ignite joy as a habit. Start your happiness challenge today!

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