Make the most out of your summer break with these practical self-care summer hacks. Reminders, Ideas and Tips to stay on top of you self-care game whilst sipping that cocktail.
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The Freshest 10 Self-Care Summer Hacks You Don’t Want to Miss!

Sun + sweat + smiles = summer! If you, just like us, live in the Nothern Hemisphere you’re in the midst of summer at the moment. For those of you who don’t know us that much, we currently live in Nanning, a city in the South of China. And the summers here get, well… tropical! Humidity levels rise, we have daily tropical storms and it’s steaming hot, to say the least! Since living here it’s safe to say that we’ve leveled up in our dealing-with-the-heat-skill-set and it was about time we share our most flourishing and vibrant self-care summer hacks and ideas with you!

Wipe off that sweat from your forehead and be ready to take notes of your favorite hacks! Let’s go!


Self-Care Summer Hacks

1 Wake Up Early

My oh my, if the benefits of waking up early aren’t satisfying enough… how about I remind you of the fresh morning summer breeze! Nothing is more recharging than waking up early, drinking a glass of fresh lemon water and enjoying the silence and freshness of a summer morning. The days are longers (more summer to enjoy, yay!) and there is just more time to indulge in anything that makes your soul happy. Journaling, meditation, morning strolls… you name it!

If you’re like, yea, that sounds cool… but how?! We’ve got your back! Check out this post where we share our tips and tricks on how to rise and shine before the sun does!

Now go and adjust that alarm clock, you can thank us later! Oh, and a pro tip: leave your phone for what it is for at least the first 1/2 hours after waking up. Allow yourself to be in the now without distractions influencing your blessed fresh mood.

Another pro tip: Take a morning stroll and listen to an audiobook. Your morning will better than EVER! At least, that’s what makes us smile like nothing else (oh and breakfast of course… lol)

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2 Have & Use a Reusable Water Bottle

There are literally only good reasons why you should do this. It’s good to the planet (byeeee plastic! Hello to saving the precious oceans), you’re more likely to stay properly hydrated, and you’ll totally be winning at adulting. Oh, and you’re probably even saving some pennies by not buying other drinks and just refilling your bottle.

If you wanna take it a step further, you could even invest in a thermos bottle which keeps cold drinks cold. Add a couple of ice cubes to your water bottle and you’ll be extra refreshed all day long!

We recommend stainless steel or glass bottles, (cheap) plastic bottles have the tendency to get that weird smell in time. And who wants that right?

Our favourite: Hydro Flask 24-Ounce Standard Mouth with BPA Free Flex Cap

Why? Not only can you choose from so many colours, the size is super handy, not too big, not too small. It keeps the cold drinks cold for 24 hours and you can easily add ice cubes as the opening is large enough. Another win: the bottles are made out of non-toxic BPA-free plastics & 18/8 food-grade stainless steel. Worth the investment if you ask us!

Disclosure: The link above is an affiliate link, meaning, at no additional cost to you, we will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. We only recommend products we know are absolutely awesome (in their own special way) and worth the investment! As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.


3 Enjoy the Sunrises/Sunsets

Honestly, is there anything better? You know that you don’t have to be on a rooftop or beach to enjoy this daily gift of mother nature, right? We love to discover new hidden gems to enjoy the sunrise or sunset. We either look online if someone has recommended spots, of we just open the maps and see if we can find a spot that seems promising.

Looking at the colors change and feeling the whole energy shifting is so precious. It recharges our soul like nothing else. Give it a shot, we promise you’ll enjoy it!

Looking for more enriching free activities you can do? Make sure to check out this list we compiled! 


Make the most out of your summer break with these practical self-care summer hacks. Reminders, Ideas and Tips to stay on top of you self-care game whilst sipping that cocktail.

4 Indulge in Watermelon

One of our favorite summer fruits! Why? You can eat quite a large amount without feeling guilty (watermelon is one of the lowest calorie fruits)! Win! And, it’s so damn refreshing! You already know how important keeping hydrated is (even more so in exposed summer vibes). With this in mind, watermelon is a welcomed alternative to a glass of water. Fun fact: watermelon consists of 92% water!

Watermelon furthermore consists of some fibers and vitamins, so whenever in doubt… Eat watermelon lol!

Oh, and get creative with it whilst you’re at it! Why not make a watermelon pizza, add it to your summer salad, or transform it into a yummy watermelon mint sorbet!


5 Surround yourself with water!

More a reminder than a summer hack. What’s more refreshing than water? Ice? Well… that’s water too!

Enough smart jokes, summer is such a fun and vibrant season. Surrounding yourself with water is balancing out the fire of the season. That’s how I like to se(a) it at least. Besides that, naturally, you’ll be more active which is great for your physical wellbeing. Also, it’s more likely to be a social activity which is another great side-effect.

Need ideas? A day at the beach, visiting the local lake or going to a waterfall. How what about putting on the sprinklers in your garden? Going to the pool, or what I love to do: take a cold shower!


6 Protect your Skin

The sun is powerful beyond our imagination. Exposing ourselves to the sun is nice and all, but for the sake of your health protect yourself whilst doing so! I’m not only talking about sunscreen… Don’t forget your lips either (sunblock lip balm)! Wear a big hat to shade your face from direct sunlight and take proper care of your sunburnt skin. Oh, and of course, drink water!

Besides that, we highly recommend getting an aloe vera plant, self-care hack 101. Super easy to maintain! When in need, you can cut open a leaf and use 100% natural aloe vera gel to cool, soothe and moisture the (sunburnt) skin.

Furthermore, as an HSP’er, I’ve always been very sensitive to too much sun and heat. It affects my mood, so don’t be surprised if you feel something similar. It’s great to enjoy the sun, but also make sure to enjoy the shade and protect your skin (and mood)!

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7 Accept your Body

Yes, summer is fun and all, but for many of us, it’s also the time when we get even more confronted with the mental image of our body. The bikini body we wished is not present and feelings of insecurity arise. You are beautiful as you are and you are not your body! (Reread that as often as you wish/need!)

Accepting your body is not like *snap the fingers* and it’s done. But in the loving thought of a self-care summer, not only the sunny season, also a sunny mindset is important. Set aside some time for body acceptance.

There are tons of ways you can approach this, but most importantly, make sure you do what is necessary for you to enjoy your well-deserved summer time. Eating healthy (avoiding sugar and processed foods) and drinking tons of water is pretty easy once you set your mind to it, yet it is a very effective way of feeling better about your body. And it’s a great gesture towards your temple.

Furthermore, wear clothes you feel comfortable in and not what’s fashionable or pressured by external sources. Journal about your thought patterns and try to discover what triggers negative thinking. In the light of acceptance, consider practising positive affirmations to rewire the way you think about yourself.

Here are some examples of loving self-love positive affirmations you can start implementing today!

You are this beautiful human being! You won’t regret making the choice to choose for your own happiness!


8 Make a Summer Playlist

Being dancers, music means a great deal in our lives. We have playlists for all kind of events and routines and our summer playlist is definitely a happy maker! But hey, the awesome thing about music is that it connects you with people, feelings, and memories. I rarely come across a person who doesn’t enjoy music.

Making a summer playlist of songs/compositions that are meaningful to you will be such a healing and rewarding self-care activity. Playing it out loud in your living room while shaking that booty, or in the car during that road trip will make your summer more memorable. Guaranteed!

We are big fans of Spotify! Besides the opportunity to make your own playlists, they already have dozens of summer playlists catered to different genres and musical tastes. Also, it’s a great place to get exposed to new music that will blow your mind and your moves!

wigggggleeee! To the beat of these 50+ other free self-care idea’s, you could do this summer!


9 Organise a healthy summer picnic

Friends & food? Is there a more fun combination? We don’t think so… Make it healthy and delicious and you’re seriously winning at adulting. It’s easy, relatively cheap and such a recharging way to spend your time. Bring along a frisbee or a ball and you’ll likely be getting some moving done as well. Oh and if you really wanna go for it (what you should!). Why not bring along a hammock and a book? You see where I’m going with that one right?

The big pro about summer is the jacket-less weather. Spending more time outdoors is a great way to reconnect with nature and enjoy it to the fullest. Make sure to bring along enough water (can’t stress this enough), and a parasol for if there is no natural shading where you’ll be.


Make the most out of your summer break with these practical self-care summer hacks. Reminders, Ideas and Tips to stay on top of you self-care game whilst sipping that cocktail.

10 Stargazing

Like I mentioned in the previous point, the biggest pro about the summer is the jacket-less weather… And being able to enjoy the most delightful temperature at night should be added to that. Having a clear sky and taking the time to immerse yourself in the universe is such a blissful self-care activity.

Gazing at the stars, being lucky and maybe even spotting a shooting star make those summer nights so romantic and special. I end up so blissed out because it really ignites a feeling of interconnectedness. Making me so humbled to be here, exactly where I am at that moment. Gratitude is the best attitude!


Did you enjoy these self-care summer hacks? Don’t forget to save for later. Thank you so much for your support!

Make the most out of your summer break with these practical self-care summer hacks. Reminders, Ideas and Tips to stay on top of you self-care game whilst sipping that cocktail.