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Positive Affirmations for Creative Entrepreneurs
Think like a Minimalist
31 Blasting Self-Love affirmations
8 Dance Quotes that get anybody moving



14 Rumi Quotes About Life, Mindfulness, Love and Meaning

I have to admit, I am a big time sucker for quotes, sayings, and meaningful words, you hear me? Sigh, I love this feeling of resonance when I feel this deeper layer of truth within the words I’m reading. Rumi quotes about life are specifically ones that make me shiver of bliss and make my heart smile.

That’s why I decided it was time to share some of my favorite Rumi quotes about life, mindfulness, love, and meaning.

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30+ Positive, Encouraging & Powerful Affirmations for Creative Entrepreneurs

Bravo to you! You decided to live the life of your dreams, which is an inspiration to many of us! As an artist/creative entrepreneur, you will do whatever it takes to take your art and creativity to a next level and you get excited by the thought alone.

But like all jobs, at times we can feel as if we need a push in the right direction or a reminder of why we do what we do. Positive affirmations can help us focus on that encouraging state of mind.

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20+ Thoughts To Think Like A Minimalist Does

I’m sure you’d agree with me if I state that minimalists also have a certain ‘overarching’ mindset in their lifestyle. A mindset that motivates them to weigh out the wants from the needs, a mindset that distinguishes the treasure from the garbage and a mindset that knows how to replace instead of adding.

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31 BLASTING Self-Love Affirmations

The affirmations are like igniters for a loving, understanding and pure friendship with yourself. They are extremely posi-powerful words that radiate nothing but love, wholeness and bliss towards not alone yourself but the entire universe!

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8 Dance Quotes That Get Everybody Moving

Whether you are a magical mermaid, an unbreakable unicorn or a friendly fearless free-spirit… these words of wisdom are for us all.

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