Sita Designs


I’m so happy you are here to check out my work.
Designing has been one of my passions and hobbies for a while now, and it got me even
more excited when I got able to help others with it.

For me, it’s very important that you are satisfied with the design I provide.
A happy you is a happy me and I believe that’s what makes the world go round.

Lately, people have been asking more and more for examples of my work
and the pricing. So this page is for you!

If you are interested in a partnership and flat rate payment, please get in touch so we can
discuss your wishes and I can let you know what I can provide.

All payments will be done through PayPal.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me through the
contact form or directly at

Yours truly,


    Pin designs

    Every blogging and online business knows (or should know!) how important the use of Pinterest is for getting traffic to your website. Naturally, an eye-catching Pin is half the work. Whilst you are focussing on writing content, doing research and having that well-deserved cup of coffee, I am here to get your Pin-designs on point. And I love to do so! So a traditional win-win we’ve got here!

    Good to know:

    • I work with stock free pictures or the pictures you provide
    • You provide the title and tagline you want on the pin (I might give some suggestions if I feel it would add some feel to it)
    • I can adapt any style (colors, font)  you are already working (please provide this info)
    • Or create different styles (if you have an example of what you like this is very helpful)

    $3 for 1 pin // $6 for 3 pins // $18 for 10 pins. If you want the source file I charge an additional $20 dollars.

    If you are interested in any other Pinterest related designs (such as board covers)! Or if you are interested in quote images for Pinterest or Instagram I’m happy to help out as well. Check out my quote-pins here.

    Here some examples of my own successful pins.



    Logo designs

    Logos are the face of your business and usually get a well-deserved spot in every banner, on every flyer, poster, e-mail you send to your clients. If you believe in your business, and you do otherwise you wouldn’t be here, you know that your logo is worth an investment. Something as simple as a logo can show whether you are an artsy crafts mom or a program coder.

    The choice of a certain font, the colors, implementing a ‘symbol’ or not, all have an influence on the eventual look and feel the logo has.

    Because I really want you to be satisfied with the final result and because I don’t use any ‘pre-made’ logo’s (I design them all from scratch) the pricing of a logo is charged by a sliding scale with a minimum of $50 and maximum of $200. I’m not going to charge you 10 hours if I only worked 2. 

    When designing the logo I encourage you to be critical, communicate your wishes (what you like and don’t like) as clear as possible. We both want that every time you see your logo you feel good about it and are proud of your business.

    Good to know:

    • Alongside the .png files (transparent background) I will also provide you the source file .ai. This is a vector based file which means you can easily optimize for all different usages and sizes (business card to billboard).
    • If you have any examples of logo’s of which you like the mood > please send along! This will be very helpful and will drastically decrease the time I spend on multiple designs (and therefore the logo will also be cheaper).
    • I don’t have a set amount of revisions you are ‘allowed’ to make. When I say I want you to be happy, I mean it and when I say I want you to be critical, I mean it too.

    Here are a couple of logo’s I’ve designed 🙂